Smart Phone Applications

We are the leaders in developing smart phone applications for small and medium businesses.

We develop Android™ , iPhone™ and BlackBerry™ applications. Our unique SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for mobile applications has all the features of next generation mobile applications. Our next generation mobile applications provide your business the ability to reach more customers and do real e-business with your customer via mobile.
While the big IT companies are struggling to develop the next generation e-business platform for the 21st century computing device (Smart Phone), we already have provided Small and Medium businesses the solution they need.

We offer consulting services for all phases of mobile application development cycle, including desing, development and testing.

BusinessOnTouch is a the cloud platform for small and medium businesses to have their own mobile application. You can have Android™, iOS™ and/or BlackBerry™ application to conduct your business via your smartphone. This unique offering allows you to have a complete mobile business application without investing fortune.


Custom Mobile Applications
If you need custom mobile application solution for iPhone™, iPad™, Android™ BlackBerry™ or Kindle™, we can design and develop that will exceed your needs-- without hocus-pocus or sleight of hand.
We take the mystery out of the process and make it simple and clear, our agile development methodology keeps you updated during the whole development process.

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Give Back to Community
At HiMindz we believe in giving back to community is our duty, from contributing to open source initiatives to develop free applications for community. Check out our Referendum 2012, Constitution of Pakistan and many other applications.